Continuing Education Higher Education Live video based educational seminars focused on clinical best practices, advanced clinical training programs and unique educational resources from the US medical institutions to all partner hospital physicians and nursing staff.  Live and interactive continuing medical education allows interactivity between health professionals between US and international hospitals facilitating a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, information and ongoing training exercises. All meetings arranged between international physicians are arranged and scheduled using group scheduling software that supports TCP/IP protocol. Also, authorized individuals at any site can review scheduled educational activities, rounds, consultations, etc through SHN and electronically request scheduling of an activity, which will be automatically routed to all participants.

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WEB BASED LEARNING Through SHN, healthcare professionals can access important education courses and reference scientific information from the comfort of their homes or educational institutions or clinics depending on the availability of Internet access. SHN through its US partners will provide courses specifically targeted

  • Physicians access important continuing medical education courses in all specialties.
  • Nurses and Ancillary Staff need to be constantly expanding their skills to keep up with the developments and new procedures in bedside patient care.
  • Medical Students: Medical education is ever evolving especially due to the biotechnology and technology revolutions.  SHN can assist the academic and student communities expand their knowledge base by offering them access to educational resources from the United States.

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